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21,73,141,236,341 (to Newington Green or Wordsworth Road)
67, 76, 149, 243 (to Princess May Road)
Finsbury Park, then take bus 236 to Wordsworth Road (two stops after Newington Green).
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Set your SatNav to the following postcode: N16 8DD
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Wordsworth Road
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It has recently been decided by the PCC that we should offer a memorial garden for those who wish to inter their loved one’s ashes and/or plant a small rose bush.

The plot of land that has been dedicated lies at the front of the now “new” entrance to the church. There is a large crucifix that hangs in the garden with a statue of our Lady looking up at her son.

Anyone may request to plant a rose in the gardens but the PCC needs to be very strict in allowing no more than just a rose to be planted. Due to the sensitivity of having such facilities, any items that are left will have to be removed. In dealing with memorial gardens in the past, some gardens have been overtaken by “graves”, or by putting borders around rose bushes.
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Memorials and gardens
The idea of allowing a memorial area is for the benefit of the church congregation and community. It is allowing an area for reflection and remembering our loved ones, but at the same time, having respect for others who also need space and contemplative reflection.

If you would like to make use of our memorial gardens, please get in touch with the parish priest.
War memorial

Within the church, there is a lovely encased crucifix dedicated to those who have given their lives during the Second World War; this is situated on the North porch entrance. As well as the dedication, there is a roll name of those who gave their lives; and “they will not be forgotten”. This is situated outside the church on the front of the West side and can be viewed from Wordsworth Road.

Although in need of some restoration, many have enquired about family trees and historical facts and the roll name is a good way of saying thank you to those who fought within the war and a wreath is laid when we celebrate those who gave their lives on Remembrance Sunday.

Stations of the cross

Situated around the church are the Stations of the Cross; these are stone pictures depicting the final stages of Christ’s journey to Golgotha and were thought to be inspired by St Francis of Assisi.

There are a total of 14 “stations” and each station is dedicated in loving memory of a loved one. A plaque is attributed to each station and cost £150.00 to “buy” for a lease of 20 years.

During the season of Lent, when members of the congregation walk the Stations, each person is remembered at each stop.

The Stations were acquired from St John’s, Hammersmith and they acquired the Stations from St Augustine’s Church, Victoria Park E9, which is no longer in existence.

The stations are normally offered to those who worship within the church family.