The Parish Church of St Matthias is part of the Diocese of London, situated among the bustling and diverse community of Stoke Newington in North London where it has stood for more than 165 years.

The church is Stoke Newington’s Only grade 1 listed building and was designed by the architect William Butterfield – one of the best-known church architects of the 19th century.

Worship is that of a High Church Style and is faithfully served by young servers ranging from the ages of 7-17+.

Our Mission Statement

St Matthias’ church commits itself to further extend the influence and benefits of the Anglican Christian faith within the community and the wider world by its own example and proactive partnership with other churches.

Our mission:

– share the Gospel, worship and fellowship

– involve people of all ages and backgrounds in the life of the church

– provide a variety of opportunities for fellowship, prayer, spiritual development and growth within the Anglican Christian faith

– support the needs of the wider community, nationally and internationally

– strive to make ourselves aware of the needs within our parish boundaries and the needs of the external community.

Parish BoundariesĀ 

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