We are a friendly, sociable, non-audition, project-based choir that welcomes singers from the local area and beyond.

Our sellout concerts feature innovative and eclectic programming. We think we are probably the only choir ever to perform Fauré and Freddie Mercury, and Bach and Elbow in the same concert. We aim to present the best music in our own inimitable and inclusive Dissenting style.

You will need to be an experienced singer, able to read music and sing in tune in order to manage the delightfully short rehearsal schedule that precedes our delightfully short concerts. Our singers also work hard in between rehearsals to learn their parts at home.

One of the cornerstones of our success is our collaboration with our very own orchestra of local professional musicians, The Elastic Band, which expands and contracts as the music dictates.

If you’d like to rise to the challenge of joining our exciting choir, or find out more about the Chorus of Dissent have a look at our website.