Obituary – Granville Lovell

A Brother like you.

A brother like you was hard to find, Patient, quiet, selfless and kind.

You put your hands to good uses, to everyone it was apparent, that creating things out of wood, carpentry was your talent.

Your life was filled with happiness, joy, peace and cheer, and this went on for the most part of almost 88 years.

Then you suddenly got ill and it felt like everything was going wrong! But it’s you who told me all this time Eloise you must stay strong.

Even up until now I admire all your strength, How you battled through the hard times and came out the other end.

Then you went away so suddenly we did not say goodbye, But brothers can never be parted, precious memories will never die.

And even though it’s heartbreaking that you have passed away. We know that it’s for certain in all our hearts you’ll always stay.

In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still, In my heart you hold a place that no one will ever fill.

Time waits for no one as it takes its natural course. I know it’s something I cannot control something I cannot force.

So that leaves me to say farewell my Brother it’s sad to see this end. But for me one thing I am certain that I will see you again.

Written by Granville’s Sister Eloise.

In memory of Granville Lovell


June 1930

17th January 2019